We partner with our clients to create learning experiences and web applications, helping to realize business and individual goals through our expertise in the following:

Project-Based Learning
Project-based learning gives participants the opportunity to tackle real business problems with new tools and models while simultaneously supporting reflective learning during the process. Gnaritas works with clients to design and support these learning projects rooted in real-world challenges and opportunities.

Portals for Research and Reference
We develop resource-rich web portals to support knowledge exchange for research, collaboration, and learning. Our portals provide users with an easy to use interface while minimizing maintenance overhead for the host organization.

Custom e-Learning
Experience in cognitive science, learning theory, and technology informs the instructional design of our e-learning programs, from complex simulations to task-focused online courses. We work closely with each client to ensure that programs match the knowledge, developmental, and performance needs of both the learner and the organization.

Online Learning Communities
Gnaritas designs activities and supporting structures for online communities  where members can share information and resources, discuss topics of common interest,  and extend their networks.

Website Information Architecture
Designing an engaging and effective website is a challenging process. A site’s organization is critical to its effectiveness: it must support complex content while accommodating a wide range of users and stakeholders, each with their own needs and goals.

Gnaritas incorporates in-depth needs analyses to ensure that each site’s organization is soundly based on the target audience’s and other stakeholders’ goals.