Who We Are

Gnaritas is a company dedicated to the practical application of knowledge. Our experience in web technology and instructional design assists organizations with making the best use of their information resources.

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What We Do

Project-based learning: We design and support learning programs centered on real-world projects that provide opportunities for individual development and business benefits.

Portals for research and reference: We develop web portals that organize resources, research materials, and other information for users intuitively matched to their needs.

Online learning communities: We create online spaces for communities to collaborate, learn, share experiences, and build networks.

Custom e-learning: We design, develop, and implement e-learning programs that meet the needs of the business and the learner, based on the principle that people learn best when they are actively engaged. 

Website information architecture: We identify the knowledge and performance goals that drives users' interactions with a website, so that its structure and content can be most effectively presented.

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How We Are Different

Our team-based approach, coupled with our emphasis on the real impact of an interaction, whether with a learning program or a website or portal, ensures that we bring a unique combination of skills and capabilities to each project.

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Work We've Done

Since its inception in 1999, Gnaritas has worked with a number of academic, corporate, and healthcare institutions.

Our current and recent projects include reference portals, project-based learning programs, and custom e-learning applications, each designed to support the goals of the client organization.

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Gnaritas Inc is a learning and knowledge management company, offering a range of products and services to support the active use of information.

Our core services include the design and development of the following:

  • Project-based learning
  • Portals for research and reference
  • Online learning communities
  • Custom e-learning applications
  • Website information architecture


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James Joyce

A man's errors are his portals of discovery.


Contact Us

Gnaritas, Inc
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Email: info@gnaritas.com